Course and Exam Description, AP World History: Modern

The College Board recently released this Course and Exam Description for the new AP World. It features a course framework, including “Unit Guides;” suggestions for instruction; and sample exam questions. Key Concepts from the previous CED are linked, but are not presented in order. I term this partial because I’m expecting a new set of Key Concepts (of course I was also expecting fewer than four CEDs in my first six years teaching the class, so we’ll see). I plan to post an analysis of how this CED challenges the movement to #DecolonizeWorldHistory . For now, I’ll note that all fifteen sample multiple-choice questions use stimulus with at least one connection to Europe or the United States.

UPDATE: All of the sample free-response questions—shorter-answer, document-based, and long-essay—are also connected to Europe, at least in part.

By Eric Beckman

I am a veteran high school history teacher interested in decolonizing history curricula, anti-racist pedagogy, and e-learning.

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[…] In World History, the legacy narrative teaches that Enlightenment thinkers produced ideas that, among other causes, led to revolutions in parts of British North America and in France. These ideas then encouraged more revolutions in Haiti and throughout Spanish America, or so the story goes in many textbooks, state state standards and the newest AP World History Course and Exam Description. […]

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