E-Learning Instructional Design Politics and Law

Do Your Work!

This week I finished teaching my first online class, Politics and Law.  I was lucky to work with 8 good-natured seniors, and enjoyed the experience.  Throughout the class the greatest challenge that I faced was getting students to complete their assignments.  In some ways this was nothing new, in most regular level classes that I […]

E-Learning Politics and Law TelePresence


I am nearing the end of my my first trimester teaching a blended Politics and Law class.  The blend is two days a week in a Cisco TelePresence room with the other days online. The technology is truly impressive; interactions with students at three other remote sites became natural very quickly.  The students seem to […]

History Instructional Design Uncovering History

Using Primary Sources

My mind has turned toward history teaching again this week after a summer of Online Politics and Law curriculum writing.  August on the calendar has me thinking about the other classes that I will be teaching this fall: Global Studies and AP European History.  And, over last weekend I reviewed some US History curriculum as […]

Instructional Design Politics and Law


I have been online a lot this summer, taking two online classes and writing another.  I was already signed up for Instructional Design in Online Learning through UW Stout (Educ 763) as part of Stout’s E-learning and Online Teaching Certificate program when I learned that I would be writing and then teaching Online Politics and Law. […]

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