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Wisdom Over Knowledge

One approach that I have definitely embraced is to allow students to explore the meanings of concepts before presenting them with labels, i.e. formal definitions curated or generated by me.

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In the Archives

I’ve been thinking a lot more about archives over the past year. This may appear odd, given my investment in historical study. In my study and practice as high school history educator engaged with academic history, however, discussions around archives separate how academic historians—producers of historical knowledge—and history teachers and students—consumers of historical knowledge view […]

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Titus: Self-Emancipated

Students read an excerpt from the book which is entry point to considering how Landers constructed historical knowledge from advertisements for runaway slaves and to learning about how some enslaved people sought freedom

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Uncovering Causes of the French Revolution

Oops! I inadvertently posted this lesson plan as blog post. Click here for this slow motion DBQ, and here for other lessons.

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Vast Anti-Imperial Conspiracy

Reading Underground Asia broadened, deepened, and challenged my understanding of revolution and anti-imperialism in the first three decades of the twentieth century.