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Eric Beckman, Educator

I have taught history with high school students since 1990, first in California and now in Minnesota.  My teaching practice and professional development presentations focus on educational equity, historical thinking, and blended learning. Although I have taught many US and AP European History classes during my career, my schedule has recently been all World History, both on level and Advanced Placement. Starting with the 2021-22 school year, I reduced my classroom teaching to half time in order to have more time for tutoring and writing. In all pursuits I aim to continue globalizing World History curricula and incorporating more student construction of historical knowledge, especially with deep literacy.

Online teaching interests me as a means to build more constructivist and student-centered curricula.  I wrote and taught a Politics and Law course online in 2012-13. Several of the earliest blog entries here involve that course.  Since then, history courses have comprised my teaching load. My practice blends face-to-face instruction with online elements using Moodle, especially in AP World History.  In all of my history classes I use history labs to allow students to uncover history.

Click here to see Professional Presentations that I have made and am available to present; and, click here to see lesson plans. I am also an individual tutor for students. Students can book sessions with me through Wyzant, at this address.

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Scrolling thru the internet and I stumbled upon YOU and I was thrilled to find an old friend! I hope all is well.

Hello Eric,

I’ve really enjoyed reviewing and utilizing the resources available in your “Less Scrambling, More Reflecting” post. I am particularly interested in the “Facing Colonialism: How Would You Respond” activity. Is it possible to get a copy of the reading on Nigeria that is paired with it? I’d love to utilize this exercise with my students this year.

Hey, I use your materials and love the swahili coast lesson plan a lot. Dudes rock.

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