Uncovering Causes of the French Revolution

This activity measures students’ ability to think historically about the causes of the French Revolution. Documents could be read at one time, in the manner of a history lab; or,  the documents could be used in class across several days with this activity is a review of the continent.  Either way, I’ve chosen to use a short students writing, one or two paragraphs, to assess their ability to use evidence, analyze sourcing, and corroborate information. Students only support a claim about one of the causes of the French Revolution.  In working through this they should glimpse how historians make general claims based on specific sources.  All of the texts were found at the Center for History and New Media’s terrific Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité website.  Document packet includes links to vocabulary support:

Specific links are in the student directions below:

Three row rubric historical thinking rubric: Evidence, Sourcing, Corroboration