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The Stenka Razin Rebellion under review

Stenka Razin Sailing in the Caspian Sea, Vasily Surikov, 1906Stepan, aka Stenka, Razin led a 17th century attack on outposts of the Russian state, and it looks different from the vantage point of Moscow or the Caspian sea.  I’m currently reading about rebels and pirates in Qing China, and Razin was both.  This “rebellion” began as maritime […]

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Changing our vantage points

Keeping an open mind as a history teacher is about more than be willing to test our understandings of the past with new evidence.  It also means looking at familiar topics from new vantage points. Recently on Twitter I’ve seen historians advocating more engagement with the public.  I’m all for it, but I also think […]

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Keeping an open mind: historians’ helpful habit

Word around my house is that I may be over subscribed to professional publications.  To be honest, there are more journals articles coming through the front door than I am reading. Occasionally surveying new historical scholarship is integral to an understanding of history as constructed knowledge, not as a settled fact.  History is not the […]

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