Responding to Imperialism in the History Classroom

Decolonizing Classroom Coverage of Colonialism

Less Scrambling, More Reflecting

Presented with Bram Hubbell, Great Lakes History Conference, October 2018, Grand Valley State University

Responding to Imperialism in the History Classroom

Presented at Minnesota History Fest, August 2018, Minnesota Historical Society

Preview blog post introducing concerns about reinforcing racism when teaching imperialism. The presentation includes these ideas, but focuses more on interventions.

Intro music for the session from Oumou Sangaré, a Malian musician.

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Key Resources

Additional Resources

 Being Real About Impacts

  • Famine
  • German Exterminism in Namibia aka Herero Genocide
    • Deutsche Welle (aka DWarticle from 7/30/18, with videos featuring contemporary Herero activists:
    • article, with interviews from Herero descendants and quotations from German commander Lothar von Trotha
    • Episode 29 of the On top of the World history podcast includes description of Herero genocide. Listen in to hear about an event so brutal that it causes a World Historian to say “holy shit!”.
    • Episode 12 of the Ufahamu Africa podcast featured an interview with Herero activist Dr. Kavemuii Murangi
    • Article highlighting an important source in writing the history of the Namibia: the German “Extermination Order” directed at the Herero people

Remember the Resistance

Books consulted

Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, a Yoruba woman who talked back